What type of knee injury have I done?

What type of knee injury have I done?

Question by : What type of knee injury have I done?
A bad wipeout surfing twisted my knee outwards and I felt a short sharp pain. It went away and I continued surfing. It’s now been a day and I can feel a tiny almost undetectable nagging pain in the top lateral part of my knee. I’m still walking and doing everything ok.

What could I have injured?

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Answer by jj
It could be a torn lateral meniscus. I would avoid doing anything strenuous on it for another week and if it still hurts, go to the doctor and get x-ray/MRI. If it starts locking up or giving out, just go to the doctor. Knee injuries aren’t something to play with.

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Question by Sultan of Football: What is the worst possible knee injury?
I always thought that a ruptured patella was the worst thing possible, but is there anything worse? If so, how can it happen?

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Answer by Gusaro
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Question by stephanie_lyn_george: How do you get rid of water in your knee after an injury?
i had an injury to my knee when ice skating and it’s really swollen.i’m able to bend it now but i have lots of water in my knee that hurts whenever i move my knee fast.please help me!
it’s not an open wound by the way.it’s just bruised and puffy.
should i be on crutches?

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Answer by Gonzo88
You will probably have to go to an orthpedic surgeon and have your knee aspirated. That means that they stick a needle into your knee and drain the water. You might have to have this procedure done several times before it actually is gone.

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