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  • 8 Simple Tips To Help Your Child Read
    Take away the skill of reading and not only books become a mysterious and foreign world, but reading train timetables, ordering from a menu, understanding bank statements, and any number of straightf...

  • Activity + Poor Food Choices = Non Healthy Lifestyle
    One of the biggest misconceptions people have today is what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Just because you exercise does not mean you are healthy. I hear much too often, oh, I can eat this because...

  • Advising Teens? Getting Your Point Across
    Giving advice to a teenager is very easy; getting a teenager to take that advice is another matter altogether. It''s not only a case of the advice ''falling on deaf ears'', sometimes the teenager seems ...

  • Angels Among Us
    Angels among us: A true inspirational story about a little boy who saw his guardian angel. Our spiritual health is as much a part of our being as is our physical health.

  • Aspertame
    Aspartame, NutraSweet, Equal...If the label says sugar-free, don''t even think about it.

  • Breastfeeding - Breast is Best
    Breastfeeding: Women have been feeding their children this way from the beginning, and it is of course natures intended food, therefore the best nourishment for your child. The decision to breast-feed is entirely u...

  • Cherries - The Supercharged Fruit
    Cherries: The little red fruit that has been enjoyed by countless millions offers more than great taste. Are cherries truly fruit for a healthy you? Recent studies have revealed that cherries offer an assortm...

  • Child health
    Articles that relate to child health, breast feeding, colic and general nutrition

  • Death Pledge
    Do you have a mortgage? If so, you have signed a death pledge. Most people treat their jobs as though those jobs were death pledges as well. That is because without their jobs people could lose everything they have worked for, including the house they mortgaged to live in.

  • Do Eggs Really Increase Your Cholesterol?
    As a food, eggs are not just incredible and a near perfect food, they contain ingredients to develop a living, healthy body.

  • Does God Promise Long Life?
    What does the Bible have to say about God wanting us to live long lives?

  • Double Gulps, Sugar and Diabetes
    Double Gulps, Sugar and diabetes. Americans are rapidly becoming obese and dying from disease related illnesses, caused by high sugar intake. The good news is that many people are using a safe, natural substance to beat sugar addiction, a contributor to weight and disease.

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  • Essential Oils to Banish Stress
    Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful tools we have to combat the negativity of stress. Essential oils play an important role to help banish stress.

  • Family health
    Here are articles on family health that are food related. Discover why butter is better, and little known health secrets about cherries.

  • Fat Does Not Make You Fat
    Fat does Not Make You Fat. One of the other huge myths is that fat makes you fat. It doesn''t. When you eat fat, your body has to break it down into its little building blocks and then absorb the piec...

  • Financial health
    A series of articles about financial health published by health-e-wise.

  • Fitness – It’s A Family Affair
    OK, you are eating healthier meals and now you want to get your family to exercise together. First, sit down and talk about the different things you all like to do. Give everyone a turn to come up wi...

  • Fruit, vegetables may reduce pancreatic cancer risk
    An epidemiologic study suggested eating a lot of fruit and vegetables may help reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer in men. The case-control study involved 585 pancreatic cancer cases and 4,779 contr...

  • Fun Stuff
    Everyone enjoys a funny photo that leaves you laughing. Just a page for the sake of humor and fun

Health Directory

  • Heartworms Alert - Know The Warning Signs To Save Your Pets Health!
    Heartworms alert: Has your pet recently been coughing, eating less, or being more lethargic than usual? If so, it is possible that your pet is infected with heartworms and may need immediate help and attention. Hear...

  • Home
    Health-e-Wise newsletter, where natural health meets longevity and laughter. Our newsletter offers content-rich natural health information. Subscribers receive free nutritional supplement samples.

  • How to Cope With Colic
    When my oldest daughter was born, I walked the floor night and day, rocking and swaddling, singing and even crying...anything to make my new little miracle stop her endless crying. Well, everyone to...

  • How To Improve Fertility
    It is highly advised for the couples who are planning to have a healthy baby that they better undergo a simple life style change for improving fertility.

  • How to Inflation Proof Your Money
    Faced with global recession and inflation, increasing numbers of people worldwide are concerned about their money. They know unless they can find a way to protect the value of what money they have, their standard of living will continue to deteriorate.

  • How to Overcome Fear
    How to overcome fear. You are born with only two fears," Paul explained. "The fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. You lose those early on. Any other fears are created by you. They aren''t real.."

  • How to Reduce Belly Fat
    If you have excess weight only in specific parts of your body, you still must look at yourself as a whole. It''s not possible to spot reduce; in other words, you can''t dictate that you only want weigh...

  • How You Can Chew to Lose Weight
    By changing the way you eat and chew (literally), you will train your body''s digestive system to be more efficient and your stomach will let you know when you are full.

  • How''d They Do That?
    The first time people see this card trick, they think to themselves, impossible! See if you can discover the secret behind this amazing simple trick.

  • Is Your Skin Older Than You Are?
    Your skin can make you look old, so it''s important to care for it in the correct manner. Take the test to assess how effective your ''care'' regimen has been.

  • It''s Not Your Fault
    Have you ever wondered what''s really holding you back from achieving all your dreams and making the money you really want to make? Well, worry no more. It''s not your fault. The latest research of th...

  • Making the Most of Now
    Each day you are given is a gift. It is time to value every moment. We all have 24 hours a day. No more. No less. The clock is ticking and there will be no second chance. You cannot get time back once it has gone. What do you choose to do with your 24 hours?

  • Malnutrition Causes Obesity
    Malnutrition causes obesity. Probably the most important and least understood axiom of successful weight loss is that you have to nourish your body

  • Mens health
    Articls that relate to mens health, improve fertility, reduce belly fat, pancreatic cancer risk. New articles added weekly.

  • Motivation
    A series of articles related to motivation, inspiration, and success.

  • Never Too Old!
    At age 47, Martina Navratilova returned to Wimbledon and represented the United States at the 2004 Athens Olympics. In September, seventy-three year old Ed Whitlock shattered his own world age class ...

  • Number 1 Key to Good Parenting
    The numbers are chilling. Teen suicide and homicide rates have tripled from twenty years ago. There is a 50% increase in childhood obesity. Teenage pregnancy rates are the highest for any Western soc...

  • Nutritional supplement
    Health information about nutritional supplements

  • Parenting
    Solid advise on parenting, from cell phone use to advising teens.

  • Pet Food - What’s Wrong with a Commercial Diet?
    Commercial dog food has only been around since the 1930s when cereal companies were trying to find something to do with their rejected grain their wheat and rice and corn that failed USDA inspection,...

  • Pet health
    a series of articles related to pet health, include information anout heartworms and pet food

  • Plane Ride
    Here is a most amazing sight: A radio controlled model airplane dances to music. The things the pilot can do with this airplane will leave you breathless. Beautiful to watch! This is a .wmv file.

  • Rescue Your Children
    How often have you thought about this "your time is your life and your life is your time, when one is gone so is the other " Time is infinite, not a renewable resource. The average person wastes two ...

  • Road Signs That Leave You Laughing
    Here are a few funny road signs you will not soon forget.

  • Senior health
    Articles that relate to Senior Health, skin and aging issues.

  • Spiritual health
    Humans are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual beings. Each aspect of our being is dependent on the other. One cannot sustain physical health without mental, emotional and spiritual health.

  • Success -- A Secret and A Formula
    Success, the story of A.P. Giannini contains a secret and a formula for success. You may not think you know who he is, but you do...

  • SuccessQuotes

  • Sunburn: Skin Cancer and Aging of the Skin
    How sunburn relates to skin cancer and aging of the skin. The experience of sunburn can be a very efficient (i.e. painful) reminder to heed adequate protection on future occasions. However more importantly, it should be a reminder of the long-term effects of sun exposure on our bodies and health – which can include aging of the skin and cancer.

  • Tea Tree Oil
    Tea Tree Oil is one of the most useful products in nature. It has been used by some Aboriginal People in Australia for many centuries as one of their most useful medicines. Tea Tree oil is derived fr...

  • Teach Your Child to Pray
    Teach your child to pray. A child that prays can have such an impact on his family, friends, and nation. If we as parents could teach our children this awesome phenonemon, we really could change the world one kid at a time.

  • Teens and Cell Phones
    Let the battle begin, should teens have cell phones? Well you will be pleased to know that over 94% of parents agree that cellular phones are good for teens and that’s according to a survey conducted...

  • Teething Symptoms and How to Treat Them
    Teething symptoms: Teething is what your baby experiences when her first set of teeth begins to appear. Some babies will go through this event without a problem. However, other babies will experience discomfort. To te...

  • Test you observation skills
    Just for laughter. This is simple, or maybe not. Simply count the number of F''s in...

  • The Day That Turned Your Life Around
    The day that finally turned your life around is an exciting time, but what day is that? Discover what disgust, desire, resolve and motivation have in common with this day.

  • The differences between men and women
    No explaination required. Just enjoy these photos for the joy they bring you.

  • The Giving Jar
    Giving with a happy heart. If you teach a child to give with a happy heart you will raise a child who will never hesitate to lend a helping hand. Children enjoy helping others, especially if they see...

  • The Hunt For Money
    Staying employed seems to be the number one issue for most Americans, because it is through employment that we think we are best able to pay bills and put food on the table. But millions of hard-working Americans have lost their jobs in recent years. money is tight. Debt is high.

  • The Power of One
    A true story about the power of one. Take a child of God (greatness), give them an opportunity (timing and cause) and you have the ingredients to do the change our world.

  • Too Many Calories
    How many calories do you need? Well, that depends on a lot of things. Your age, sex, type of work, physical activity, all come into play. There is no one answer for this type of thing. I have to warn you, I don''t believe the general ideas on how many calories a person should have. If you have a 2,000 calorie diet, you are starving yourself.

  • Turn off the TV - - And Turn On The Physical Activity
    Children spend more time watching television than they do any other activity but sleeping. Unfortunately, such sedentary behavior is taking its toll. This article makes an argument as to why parents should turn the television off!

  • Uh-Oh Photos
    Just plain funny stuff!

  • Understanding the Coming Doillar Collapse And How to Protect Your Family
    The collapse of the dollar is fast approaching. This is not a hoax. Read this factual report and learn how to protect your family.

  • Unleash Your Unlimited Power
    Your Non-Conscious Mind is 98% of your full power. Your Inner Knowing is at least 986,743 times more powerful than your non-conscious mind. The reason is because this inner knowing has direct access to harness the infinite powers of the universe to produce results.

  • Victorious
    The story of how one woman battled breast cancer and won.

  • VitaGreen - The Super Food of Super Supplements
    If so called "green food" supplements are called "super" supplements, VitaGreen is the super food of super supplements.

  • Watching Your Children’s Garden Grow
    Start some gardening traditions with your kids. Give them their own garden patch and a spot to dig. Children love getting their hands dirty and watching things grow. Be sure to buy good quality, ch...

  • Weight Loss
    Articles that relate to weight loss, malnutrtion, diabetes and the results of high sugar intake. There are many factors that cause us to increase body weight, yet three stand out from the rest.

  • Weight Loss: Why Do We Gain Weight?
    There are many factors that cause us to increase body weight, yet three stand out from the rest.

  • Why Butter is Better
    One of the most healthy whole foods you can include in your diet is butter.

  • Why Christians Suffer With Disease
    Why Christians suffer with disease is elementary: A Church that does not teach healing is like a grade school that does not teach math.

  • Women''s health
    A series of articles related to women''s health, naturally.

  • Yeast Infections: Dealing with Them the Natural Way
    If you''ve ever suffered with Thrush, the word ‘Candida’ will be all too familiar. But do you know what it really is, what causes it and how to control it naturally. Candida overgrowth affects both men and women, manifesting in surprising ways, which if left unchecked can lead to some awful consequences.

  • You''ll Need Total Will Power To Undergo Weight Loss
    How much will power does it take in order to go through the torment of weight loss? Though the answer to weight loss varies from each individual, all it takes is the correct attitude, admitting to yourself that you do have the desire of letting lose the unwanted pounds.